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Adrian Rodd is a Film & Creative Director from Lanzarote based in Madrid. Driven by urban culture, surfing and music. His experience in designing, photography, cinema, audio and video, are what take him to his actual working career in Creative direction and realization, as he considers himself a lover of brands and everything involved in it in the background. At the moment he is running Studio Bruma a creative studio specialized in producing distinct visual work for brands and agencies.

He has been involved in projects for brands like Adidas, Bvlgari, Levis, Red Bull, Hyundai, Oysho, Quiksilver, among many others, working in multiple aspects of production, from directing and realization to postproduction work. After studying high school specialized in arts in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, his home place, he decided to form himself as a Designer, studying Graphic Design and multimedia in “Estacion Diseño” in Granada and specialized himself during one year in Audiovisual production.

In 2015, he mastered himself in visual communication in “IED Madrid” receiving a scholarship from the well known magazine, Vice. In 2016 he studied Cinematography in “ECAM” in Madrid, since then, the work for brands turned to be a 360 degree work as he already had the experience of working in advertising agencies as creative, adding the realization and directing of audiovisual pieces. His performance has been shared on different platforms, national and international media, like Neo2, I+D, Surfline, Vogue, El País, Resident Advisor, La Mono Magazine, Vice, Red Bull Music, DJ Mag, Vimeo Staff Picks among a lot of others.

Services → Film / Creative Direction / Brand Strategy / Photography / Editorial Design / Branding / Identity

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Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /



Veintinueve Trece is a photography and visual arts festival that takes place on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. With the aim of consolidating as a cultural proposal in the national panorama and keep growing as a project, they pretend to manifest and communicate the values that make this festival a unique experience. Since it’s creation in 2016 I’ve worked on the creative direction, aiming to give an avant-grade vision to it without losing the roots on its idiosyncrasy and visual language to the Canary Islands.

Creative direction: Adrian Rodd
Festival director: Nicolás Melian
Production: Joaquin Vera
Branding: Leon Romero
Photography: Gerson Díaz
Video production: Studio Bruma
Creative assistant: Alejandro Canca

The event is aiming to attract to Lanzarote creatives, directors and photographers both from the Islands and all the country. To do so we have had the pleasure to count on artist like Joan Fontcuberta, García Alix, Diana Kunst, Cristina de Middel, Ricardo Cases, Pablo Curto, Gonzaga Manso, Alberto Yagüe or Walter Astrada, that for four days in a row, shared talks, papers and masterclasses. Given the location and structure of the festival itself, the idea was to take advantage of this occasion to boost and enhance visibility to the most important sectors referring to the island’s history and development; agriculture and fishing. That way, the key values of the festival are reinforced in unity, collectivity and synergies between people.


As a result, the visual identity is shown as a whole; a rasterized image of texts and photographs, crafting a visual harmony with character and graphic abundance. The purpose is to arise creativity from an emerging and groundbreaking level, with the authentic representation of context. The visual outcome consists of a dynamic layout with the use of a typography in black and white, allowing to spotlight the photographs. This system enables the visuals to adapt with ease in different formats and mediums. That kind of graphic design its been explained in all the festival’s platforms, social media, and physical displays.

This gathering of people and arts aims to encourage research and audiovisual creation in Lanzarote, as well as to create ties with external agents to produce cultural projects. The final meaning of the event is to work with photography and audiovisuals to stimulate creativity and create a social, cultural and artistic debate on the current issues. We want to give an answer to the difficulty of access to specific formation for everyone on the audiovisual world in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands, focusing especially on the youth. And to do so, we are trying to diversify the cultural offer through photographic exhibitions, screenings, photo books, workshops and masterclasses.

With the work done so far in the creative direction, audiovisual production, and social media management, Veintinueve Trece has secured itself as one of the most interesting photography events nationwide, hanging the Sold Out sign in the last two editions and been able to share with Lanzarote and everyone at the event national photography prizes like Joan Fontcuberta, Cristina de Middel or Alberto García Alix.