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Adrian Rodd is a Film & Creative Director from Lanzarote based in Madrid. Driven by urban culture, surfing and music. His experience in designing, photography, cinema, audio and video, are what take him to his actual working career in Creative direction and realization, as he considers himself a lover of brands and everything involved in it in the background. At the moment he is running Studio Bruma a creative studio specialized in producing distinct visual work for brands and agencies.

He has been involved in projects for brands like Adidas, Bvlgari, Levis, Red Bull, Hyundai, Oysho, Quiksilver, among many others, working in multiple aspects of production, from directing and realization to postproduction work. After studying high school specialized in arts in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, his home place, he decided to form himself as a Designer, studying Graphic Design and multimedia in “Estacion Diseño” in Granada and specialized himself during one year in Audiovisual production.

In 2015, he mastered himself in visual communication in “IED Madrid” receiving a scholarship from the well known magazine, Vice. In 2016 he studied Cinematography in “ECAM” in Madrid, since then, the work for brands turned to be a 360 degree work as he already had the experience of working in advertising agencies as creative, adding the realization and directing of audiovisual pieces. His performance has been shared on different platforms, national and international media, like Neo2, I+D, Surfline, Vogue, El País, Resident Advisor, La Mono Magazine, Vice, Red Bull Music, DJ Mag, Vimeo Staff Picks among a lot of others.

Services → Film / Creative Direction / Brand Strategy / Photography / Editorial Design / Branding / Identity

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Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /



We made a documentary piece and a book called Sound of Surfing. An experimental film project with surfer Andy Criere. This has been awarded with the exclusive Vimeo Staff Picks Award.

Director: Adrian Rodd
DOP: Ignacio Pinela
Still Photographer: Gines Diaz
Sound Design: Luis Ortega, Clara Alonso
Producer: Pedro Padrón

The eco of childhood memories fill the space of our present intensely. A recorder is useful to walk through our past. “Sound of surfing” is a reunion of Andy with the expectations he had about himself when he was a child. The persecution of a marine living with a fanciful character creates a bound with a past time in which the energies to find a place in the world hurriedly and the discords with our dreams lay down. Dreams that finally come true but, in a way, kill the fantasy. Dreams that, precisely, by coming true stop being dreams.


Director: Adrian Rodd / Writer: Ximo Peris / DoP: Ignacio Pinela / Producer: Pedro Padrón / Executive Producer: Adrian Rodd, Gines Diaz / Talent: Andy Criere, Liher Geledan / Still Photographer: Gines Diaz / 1st Asst Camera: Irene Pérez Aguado / Steadicam: Ion Sáenz Aristegi / Art Director, stylist: Laura Herranz / Sound Design: Luis Ortega, Clara Alonso / Music: Patinnpaz / Colorist: Ignacio Pinela, Adrian Rodd / Edit: Adrian Rodd / Graphic Design: Jorge León / Additional surf images: Gastao Entrudo (Portugal), Julien Turpaud (France), Isio Noya (Mundaka) / Voice-over: Ignacio Carpintero, Carmen Torralbo


“Sound of surfing” is a film about the need to back up, stop and take distances. It is an experimental short film about the surfer Andy Crière. It shows a break in the middle of the training season’s frenzy. Filmed in Hendaye, his home city and Hondarribia, a village where he also feels he belongs to with all his family, and other different parts of the Basque Country, it is an introspection moment in which Andy intends to travel the past and the present. Special thanks to Subaru, ION Action Sports, Isdin.


We also made a book from the project. An exclusive edition of 100 pieces, photographs by Ginés Díaz and texts by Ximo Peris designed by Jorge Leon. Book size A5 printed on offset paper 150 gr. A pulse with the past that wants to become a pact with its fantasy and innocence.


Next we show some images of making of the project.