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Adrian Rodd is a Film & Creative Director from Lanzarote based in Madrid. Driven by urban culture, surfing and music. His experience in designing, photography, cinema, audio and video, are what take him to his actual working career in Creative direction and realization, as he considers himself a lover of brands and everything involved in it in the background. At the moment he is running Studio Bruma a creative studio specialized in producing distinct visual work for brands and agencies.

He has been involved in projects for brands like Adidas, Bvlgari, Levis, Red Bull, Hyundai, Oysho, Quiksilver, among many others, working in multiple aspects of production, from directing and realization to postproduction work. After studying high school specialized in arts in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, his home place, he decided to form himself as a Designer, studying Graphic Design and multimedia in “Estacion Diseño” in Granada and specialized himself during one year in Audiovisual production.

In 2015, he mastered himself in visual communication in “IED Madrid” receiving a scholarship from the well known magazine, Vice. In 2016 he studied Cinematography in “ECAM” in Madrid, since then, the work for brands turned to be a 360 degree work as he already had the experience of working in advertising agencies as creative, adding the realization and directing of audiovisual pieces. His performance has been shared on different platforms, national and international media, like Neo2, I+D, Surfline, Vogue, El País, Resident Advisor, La Mono Magazine, Vice, Red Bull Music, DJ Mag, Vimeo Staff Picks among a lot of others.

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Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /



On April 2019 we began working with Canary Islands urban musician Cruz Cafuné. I’ve always been following his music, firstly with his group BNMP, that set a new sound on the national scene, they were the first ones to sing Spanish RnB. Then with his solo career, Cruz became the visible leader of the urban musical movement from the Canary Islands, giving a lot of people the feeling of been represented with his lyrics, his experiences and his character.

We met through Adidas Spain Brand Manager and began working together. Our goals were very clear, the artist needed to create a brand identity and audiovisual support on the campaigns for his new releases. He had to make his audience recognize with a kind of visual identity and fulfill a number of goals that have been set on a first briefing, also, keep an active and attractive social media profile, which by that time was really not active and only used close to a release date.

Production Company: Studio Bruma
Photographer: Ginés Díaz
Production Manager: Pedro Padrón
Motion Graphics: Méndez-Herrera
Website Design: Calizo Studio
Merch: Goodies


Photography and visual identity.

After the first briefing, we chose a path for the project. We wanted to show him as a romantic kid from an island, lone, we wanted to make his audience see him as a sunset from a terrace with sea views, like a grainy black and white picture of the seaside.


The words of the artist himself, his identity and music should be seen like this:

“Driving at night in silence with your girl, be in the gym trying to go past your limits, jumping and faking machine guns with your hands, pouring a drink, rolling a joint and thinking in all thats wrong with your relationship and all thats good with your future plans”.

Over goals, the work began with the first shooting and the graphic design.


Social media

After an analysis of his social media we set a calendar of posts when his followers are more active on social media, and consisted of, a post every three days on Instagram, plus twitter posts that helped to define a better picture on the artist personality, that has been one of the most important points to bring him closer to his fans. He has to be close and transparent as a person, and the language used and the post on social media are there to boost his unique carisma.

Most of his social media pictures must have a connection, or show, the canarian landscape, mostly shot on film to bring up the color of the nature and the iconography of the Islands. On this first run, the intention was to create a more professional image of the artist on social media, setting him on a better position to attract future brand collaborations.


Branding & artworks

Branding & artworks came to reinforce the base created with his identity, photography and social media. Dark pictures related with the sea, the islands landscape and the blue light, typos that transmits rap and street aesthetics but with an elegant touch and not reaching luxury. With a set range of color that would evolve with his releases from the next mixtape, Moonlight922.

That mixtape had to come out with an established identity, a set of color and defined typography, a tribute to the moon, that is present on all the graphics and later brought to the online shop, merchandise and his live performances.

The artist tells us that, since he left Tenerife, he hasn’t seen the moon every night, something he did while driving alone at night, or when up in the mountains with his friends with the sole purpose of looking at the sky to feel “little and vulnerable”, almost like everyone thats ever lived. Thats the seed and meaning of Moonlight922.


Audiovisual Work

As said before, one of our main goals from the beginning was to push the numbers on the artist’s social media, and to do so, we searched for his top tracks and all of them came with a video attached or any kind of artwork.

To keep pushing his drive on social media, we set the target to create a piece for every new release for the months to come. To achieve it, we designed a standard lyric video with the graphics used on the project, to be set as reference for the ones where we could not afford a shooting. Those videos had the same identity designed for the project: color spec, typography and photography style.


Creative direction, production and editing of the video clip for the track Mina El Hammani and En Bajo Perfil. Both videoclips were produced on a very low budget. Trying to find creative ideas without the need for big production. In total, more than 3 million views have been made on both.

On another side of the work for Moonlight922, one of our targets was to look for sponsor and production for his new videoclip Tumbao. The artist wanted to release a more “club” sound before the mixtape, because of the release that sound didn’t have no place in his sound aesthetics until some time after. We signed a collab. with Ballantines and Adidas Originals to sponsor the filming and the release of the videoclip.


Moonlight922 Mixtape

The purpose of the graphic design that we had been developing for months, was the release of the mixtape Moonlight922, in January 2020. Melancholic urban beats and homesickness lyrics represent the sound of the mixtape.

The cover picture was shot by the Canary Islands artists Nico Melian and Joaquin Vera. It’s a representation of Lanzarote’s Volcán del Cuervo, a place with a huge cultural legacy, since the years 2000, it was the stage of a Brian Eno live show, one of the best producers of electronic and ambient music ever. Also,It’s one of the most desolate places of the Islands, where you’ll find some of the values that Cruz wants to share in the mixtape, music to be listened to alone, thinking about what’s going wrong in your life or what’s good.


The mixtape’s release came with a shooting for all the graphics around it and some videos that promoted the philosophy and values of the campaign. For the pictures we kept the same identity previously created.


All the material that came out was used for posters, t-shirts, flyers and visuals for the Moonlight922 tour. A tour that’s been around all Spain, getting consecutive sold outs in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Sevilla, as well as four consecutive dates in his home island, Tenerife.


Website & Merchandising 

As a part of the Moonlight922 mixtape release, we did all the design and the programming of a new website for the artist. It includes his bio, news, tour dates, ticket sales and an online shop for all the merchandise. That merchandise consist of a new line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, socks, and hats. All the design came from us and the production was done by the Spanish brand Goodies.


Achieved goals

75K followers on Instagram goal – Now 100K.
From 10K Likes per pic on Instagram to 18K Likes.
Audience in concert from 2.000 people in Madrid – Now two consecutive Sold Out with 1.500.
Top 4 on Spanish releases with Moonlight922.
Appearance in La Resistencia, the top “late night” in Spain.
Ballantines collaboration for Tumbao.
One year signed contract with Adidas Originals.
National image for Adidas Superstars campaign, physical advertising in all the Spanish shops and streets from cities like Madrid and Barcelona shared with Leo Messi and Ricky Rubio.
Primavera Sound live show thanks to Adidas Originals.
4X earnings since we started working with the artist.
Media coverage and specialised media on an international level.