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Adrian Rodd is a Film & Creative Director from Lanzarote based in Madrid. Driven by urban culture, surfing and music. His experience in designing, photography, cinema, audio and video, are what take him to his actual working career in Creative direction and realization, as he considers himself a lover of brands and everything involved in it in the background. At the moment he is running Studio Bruma a creative studio specialized in producing distinct visual work for brands and agencies.

He has been involved in projects for brands like Adidas, Bvlgari, Levis, Red Bull, Hyundai, Oysho, Quiksilver, among many others, working in multiple aspects of production, from directing and realization to postproduction work. After studying high school specialized in arts in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, his home place, he decided to form himself as a Designer, studying Graphic Design and multimedia in “Estacion Diseño” in Granada and specialized himself during one year in Audiovisual production.

In 2015, he mastered himself in visual communication in “IED Madrid” receiving a scholarship from the well known magazine, Vice. In 2016 he studied Cinematography in “ECAM” in Madrid, since then, the work for brands turned to be a 360 degree work as he already had the experience of working in advertising agencies as creative, adding the realization and directing of audiovisual pieces. His performance has been shared on different platforms, national and international media, like Neo2, I+D, Surfline, Vogue, El País, Resident Advisor, La Mono Magazine, Vice, Red Bull Music, DJ Mag, Vimeo Staff Picks among a lot of others.

Services → Film / Creative Direction / Brand Strategy / Photography / Editorial Design / Branding / Identity

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Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /


Write me at info@adrianrodd.com / info@studiobruma.com / call me at +34 910 735 704 / © Copyright Adrian Rodd – All rights reserved /



In 2018 and 2019 Adidas Originals asked us to make some documentary works with the idea of making a real approach from the brand to its ambassadors, and portraying them on their natural scene, doing so, the final outcome will be better taken from a customer over saturated with digital images. The work matched our line of work because of our experience documenting top level athletes, therefore, we have developed our own way of shooting documentaries, being 100% involved on the character’s daily life, without modifying or interfering his daily routine and catching his purest nature. The project was about bringing in a product on the day to day basis of different artists, mainly musicians, and spend a couple of days portraying them.

From this shooting, we will draw out a longer documentary piece, one spot and different photo shootings for the brand and the artist to be used on social media.

Production: Studio Bruma
Directed, Film, Edited, Color: Adrian Rodd
2nd unit: Ignacio Pinela
Film & Still Photography: Gines Diaz
Sound: Luis Ortega

Rels B – Gracias desde Son Gotleu

We did this documentary piece with Mallorca’s rapper Rels B because of his performance in Sonar 2018. Adidas assigned us the project to portrait the artist’s intimate life. Five days before the event we shared with him his life at home, essayes, friends meetings, the trip to Barcelona and all the way to his performance in the Sonar 2018. The only commercial request was to organically show the shoe “SOLAR HU BOOST” by Pharrel Williams.

Nathy Peluso – On Da Road

Under the same documentary series, we did a piece on the Argentinian singer Nathy Peluso on her Canary Islands tour. This time, the assignment was to introduce the iconic shoe “FALCON” on her day to day life on tour, while showing the intimacy of the artist, who holds an unique personality, being able to attract thousands of fans wherever she goes. The shooting lasted 6 days while we moved from island to island with Nathy and all her staff, staying in the same hotels and being involved, without interfering in her daily routine, just showing up earlier on the locations and anticipating on situations to generate the best content possible.

Juancho Marques – Home of Classics

We made this piece with the singer Juancho Marques because of the release of the “SuperCourt” sneaker. The shooting was only a day in Juancho’s neighborhood in Madrid, taking advantage of the available locations on his daily routine to shoot video and the photo campaign used for analog and digital media campaigns all across the nation by Adidas.

Andrea Benitez – Home of Classics

From the same action as Juancho, Home of Classics. Andrea is a pro skater who will be representing Spain in the Tokio 2020 Olympics. The video documentary and the pictures were done also on a daily basis around Madrid, places she normally hangs out, her hometown skatepark, the bar … showing up the product in her everyday life routine.

Shown below there are some photograph taken during the project. There’s a mix between comercial work used by the brand on it’s different platforms and a selection of more intimate pictures taken to be used by the artists themselves